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No. 4 - The mystery call

When my cell phone rang on July 7, 2016, I answered it even though I did not recognize the number. As I said hello, all I heard was what sounded like rhythmic beats.

When the sounds stopped, I knew the caller was still on the line because the seconds were still ticking away on my phone. Who is it? Should I say something?

After waiting a bit more for the caller to announce themselves and hearing nothing, I tapped the “End Call” button on my phone. But I had a weird feeling. Something strange had just happened. I opened “Recent Calls” and saw “Incoming Call, 11:40 a.m., 56 seconds.” Proof that the call was real, as was the eerily familiar sound.

Then it dawned on me, I knew where I’d heard that sound before. On a sonogram. It was the sound of a beating heart. How weird.

Given all the upheaval in my life since Prince had transitioned, I suspected that this “heartbeat phone call” was just one of the many seemingly inexplicable occurrences I’d encountered. I was about to write it off as such when I noticed something else on the phone screen—the caller’s number. I dialed it immediately.

“Hello,” answered a male voice. I could barely mutter, “Did you just call me?” Understandably, he asked me to identify myself, so I hesitantly gave him my name, followed again by my request, if he had called me. After a short pause, he gave a definitive, “No, I didn’t call.”

I bravely continued, “And what is your name?” To my surprise he acquiesced, “Ted Collier”. Not knowing what else to say, I simply replied, “Oh, sorry. Thank you.” He said, “Okay, goodbye,” and our brief exchange ended.

I now knew the mystery person’s name, which sounded vaguely familiar. Had we spoken before?

Later that evening, with the odd phone call still on my mind, I decided to rummage through all my saved voice mails on my cell phone and my work phone to see if I had ever received one from that same number.

Lo and behold, I found one on my work phone. In the same voice I’d heard earlier in the day, the message was, “Hello, Dr. Ledesma, this is Dr. Ted Collier. I’m a psychologist from the Philadelphia area calling about a young man I’d like to refer to you, if you’re taking new clients.”

Ah yes, I remember. This message came in a while back. And I returned his call from my cell phone, which is how his number was saved there as well. I’m so glad I didn’t delete his original voice mail. Yet, there’s something’s fishy about this. Why in the world would the sound of heartbeats come over the phone from an out-of-state psychologist I’d talked to only once, way back when?


By July 2016, I was deepening into an awakening process that would thrust me in a direction I had neither considered nor asked for—or perhaps I had asked for it on some level, but completely forgotten that I had.

I felt as if the energy in my body had sped up, like I was in high gear.

There were synchronicities at every turn and lots of psychic phenomena. I never knew what might pop up next. But I hadn’t yet put it together that there might be a connection between the two calls (one to my work phone and one to my cell phone) from the psychologist’s number.

It would take me a couple of months to figure that out, when in September I received an automated message from my phone service provider that all of my work voice mails were going to be deleted due to a system upgrade. Oh no, the message from the psychologist will be erased, and I haven’t yet figured out what it means! Oh, wait, I can record it.

As I pulled up the one voice mail Dr. Collier left me months earlier about the possible referral, I heard for the first time that the date and time he left the message was April 21st at 9:26 a.m.—the exact time the news was breaking about Prince.

My mind flashed to that morning. I had been in my kitchen watching the news when across the bottom of the screen scrolled the red and white banner: “Breaking News…911 call…a reported death at Paisley Park, home of Prince.” According to investigative records, Prince was pronounced dead at 10:07 a.m. Central Time, and this was made public by the media at 10:37 a.m. CT (9:37 a.m. Mountain Time), just minutes after the psychologist left me a seemingly routine phone message.

In the future, I would receive more than ten calls from that telephone number to my cell phone, although the first was the only one with the sounds of a heartbeat.

Most of the signs from Prince have taken me a while to decipher. Hearing the sound of the heartbeat perplexed me, but I didn’t initially connect it to Prince. I now know that he had to keep “pestering” me to wake up and stay awake to an alternative reality.

When we dismiss synchronicities as coincidences, we interfere with receiving the intended messages coming from the other side. Our loved ones send us unique signs and gifts to let us know they are still with us.

These amazing and mysterious calls from Prince would come in at the most auspicious times.

Dr. Collier called me only once, on April 21, 2016, the day Prince “died”.

Prince’s and my story continues to evolve as we improve our communication. I can only report what I know right now, which is that Prince wanted to send a sign that represented life—his life—as evidence he is still very much alive.

It was the heartbeat from his soul.

I have come to understand that part of his and my mission is to illuminate the truths that we don’t die—we are eternal beings—and that we can communicate with loved ones who are still alive in spirit. What better way to express this than through a beating heart emanating from his heart-center, which is pure love?


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