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about me

You might be wondering "who is this person who claims to be having conversations with Prince?" I certainly understand your curiosity, although I don't think this single "About" page can fully answer your question.

After you have come in contact with my writings and recordings, you will get a better understanding of who I am, where I come from, and what my conversations with Prince are about.

my background

Long before Prince passed into the non-physical realm and came to me in 2016, I was deeply curious about the meaning of life. As a child, I batted around questions like, "Why are we here? Do we have a soul? What is a soul?

What happens after we die? 

I didn't receive any satisfactory answers from the grown-ups around me who instead tended to talk down to me with rote responses. I concluded that no one would level with me or provide answers that made sense. But with time and exposure to a wider view beyond my own little isolated world, my understandings of life and death and God have vastly expanded and deepened. I have come to view the creative energy that flows through all things as God. For example infinite intelligence, higher power, highest consciousness.

It was my curious nature and quest for answers about God and the meaning of life that led me to the field of psychology, to earning my PhD, and to ultimately starting my own private practice. during my forty-year career as a psychologist, I have journeyed with thousands of clients as they have bravely faced their accumulated wounds and grown through their explorations of the lessons that life on earth brings. I love working with people at deeply personal and spiritual levels, doing what I believe is our most important life's work - 

soul work.

Since the age of fifteen, when I marched in my hometown for civil rights in solidarity with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I have been passionate about my beliefs. It was exciting to come of age in the 1960's when being an activist became imprinted upon my psyche. I was immersed in that culture, including the music revolution. I was a true Beatle-maniac and had the thrill of seeing them in concert.

Throughout my life, I have sought opportunities to stand up for my values. I've been involved with educating others to take responsibility for the health and care of their bodies, minds, and spirits, and for the health of our planet. Ever since I've been in touch with Prince, I have become more focused on the inner calling to

raise our


to a higher vibration, if you will.

My passion is stronger than it's ever been to contribute to our collective evolution of consciousness. Meeting with Prince's spirit immediately triggered my own personal awakening, which I am discovering is connected to this bigger awakening taking place on our planet.

Just as Prince felt a spiritual calling to inspire through his music, I realize that my connection with Prince is a continuation of my own life's purpose, dovetailing with his work as a musician, to make a difference for the good of all. I believe that his desires to become an even more avid social activist were beginning to blossom when he transitioned from his body, and that

he wanted to

do more.

I have begun to feel a sense of urgency to express what I have been learning through Prince. It has taken me a while, but I am finally comfortable enough to say that these messages are a co-creative endeavor from Prince-spirit and me.

And they are intended for everyone who resonates with what we are sharing, which originates from a place of

powerful love.

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Reach out

Please feel free to contact me and share your comments, questions and experiences. 


I am very interested in hearing from you!

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