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No. 5 - And a cherry on top

I see, hear, feel, sense, and know we are communicating. I have deep appreciation to Prince for bringing me validations of his presence. It’s one thing to hear him in my mind and quite another to receive physical signs that provide solid evidence.

We are all born with intuition, and some of us have stronger psychic abilities that are expressed in different ways and to different degrees. I am talking about when you just “know” something that’s beyond the scope of your five senses.

Here is a quick run-down of these psychic abilities, also known as the "clairs" or "clair senses":

Clairvoyance (clear vision) is the ability to see images, shadows of future events, spirits, or signs; to receive information through the mind’s eye.

Claircognizance (clear knowing) is having an insight in a flash—suddenly getting the sent message.

Clairaudience (clear hearing) involves perceiving the messages and words of Spirit as voices, music, and other sounds.

Clairsentience (clear feeling) is the sensing or feeling of subtle energy.

I’d have to say, however, that the first few times I felt Prince’s presence, it was anything but subtle. I felt struck by an energetic bolt from heaven.

The physical rush of Prince’s particular energy lets me know when he is right here with me. We use telepathic communication, or thought transmission, which is an efficient method to reach one another. Telepathy can be effective, with or without a body.

Prince will often use sound to get my attention, which works well because hearing is one of my strongest clairs. When I try to connect with him to ask questions, I often hear his spontaneous words and phrases in response.


In the summer of 2017, as I had just begun writing about my experiences with Prince in earnest, my computer started petulantly acting out. I’d be typing along, then would watch in disbelief as what looked like a Pac-Man on steroids gobbling up every word down to the bottom of the page before moving on to the next. I’d anxiously punch buttons, screaming “No!” not wanting to lose everything I had just written.

But the only way to stop Pac-Man was to close my computer. And I’d take a deep breath, and call it a day. Is this some random mischievous spirit causing such a fuss? Nah, I knew who it was. But why was he doing it?

My initial reaction to this unexpected and frustrating phenomenon was to try to make it stop. But when I’d pause to reflect. I’d typically discover a connection between what I was writing and what Prince possibly wanted me to remove from the story.

I noticed that it seemed like the deletions occurred whenever I was writing about a subject in a less than positive way.

Is this his way of telling me not to dwell on negative feelings or to reconsider what I am divulging in our story? I wondered. As I continued to ponder what had been erased, I realized the negativity had already been purged for me!

New mishaps began occurring even as I tried to solve whatever issue was at hand. I’d hear, “You’ve figured it out already. C’mon, there’s more fun ahead!”

Sure enough, as I became less unnerved by the prospect of my writings disappearing, he changed it up by making new words appear in a mixture of Korean and Chinese! The foreign words would race across my computer screen, and there’d be interesting emojis thrown in now and then, like a purple symbol ⚛️ and a bright orange basketball (Prince loved basketball).

I couldn’t catch a break, soon discovering that Asian letters were starting to replace English words, even on my cell phone at my office. A client had paid with a credit card, and a copy of their receipt was sent to me from my credit card provider—not in English but in those menacing foreign letters of which I could not make heads or tails. My first thought was, No! My account has been hacked!

I sent the “evidence” to the credit card company, and after two days of investigation, they said they had no idea why those letters showed up.

They didn’t have a template that could have generated them.

I talked to Apple several times, too, and was told they hadn’t run across such odd computer behavior. I felt reassured that I wasn’t hacked—more like I had been pranked. I giggled at the thought of Prince following me around, lurking inside my devices or slithering around the internet, wanting me to know he was still here with me, still having fun. But, oh, the number of hours I spent on the phone while technicians searched in vain to solve the glitches.

While I knew that electronics and electricity are common vehicles our spirit friends use to get our attention, it was still important for me to know I had investigated and exhausted other possible explanations for the phenomena.

I wrote Prince a sarcastic letter, starting with, “I’d sure like to be in on the joke…” Realizing he was probably doing the best he could at contacting me, I reconsidered and wrote, “I don’t care if you speak in Greek or Russia or Arabic, I always love to hear from you.” And in no time the Asian symbols ceased appearing.

But I was in for another round when the Asian letters were replaced with what appeared to be Russian, Arabic, or Greek letters.

He was saying, “Hi, it’s me. We can communicate in endless ways. See?”

The reality of all the psychic phenomena made me giddy. We were working together as a team, practicing new ways to communicate.


I have treasured this precious time with Prince in our strange relationship. I have had to wing it as we’ve gone along, not knowing what would come next or how to make sense of it all. It has been good practice for me to let go of my overworked logical brain and join him in his wonderful craziness, where he continues to urge me to “lighten up.” Making perfect rational sense of everything is slowly becoming less important to me as I play in this realm.

We do have serious discussions, but his unexpected pranks keep us laughing. The best part is bathing in the music when I discover new songs that he has thoughtfully selected for me. They either pop up in my mind, on my cell phone, or even through someone else’s playlist that magically appears on my phone.

The synchronicities are everywhere. All I have to do is stay on the lookout for them.

I would have devoured every last morsel of this magical experience with Prince even without the signs, but the signs have been the cherries on top of it all.


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