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No. 1 - Making his presence known

Because I knew virtually nothing about the man who walked the earth as Prince Rogers Nelson—or his music—until after he died, I didn’t relate to outcry of grief, love, and adoration occurring worldwide following his death.

But about eight days after he took leave from his body, something blasted into my heart with a bang, causing me to break down in uncontrollable sobs for no apparent reason. I was feeling magically drawn to something about Prince. Suddenly, he was not a stranger to me, I felt like I knew him, on a soul level.

In retrospect, I understand he wanted me to be aware that it was he who was trying so hard to get my attention, sending signs, many for comfort and reassurance.

I discovered one such sign in August of 2017, when I happened to notice an odd gray image in my photo album on my computer. The photo had been taken three months earlier with the date and time stamped as April 21, 2017, 4:10 am, the exact one-year anniversary of his death!

When I looked more closely at the photo, I noticed it was an image on my bedroom wall of a white pulsating glowing circle with a distinct purple ring inside.

Not only that, there were moving images fluttering around in the middle of the white circle—I kid you not—making the photo look alive!

I emailed the photo to a few friends and simply asked, “What do you see?” Everyone reported that they saw the pulsating glow with the purple ring, but they each saw different images in the middle. I had seen John Lennon’s face, with his distinctive round glasses. One person saw Jesus. One saw a peace sign. Another a pulsating heart. Amazing.

After about a week, all movement stopped.

I knew this had to be a sign from Prince, who left it for me on the one-year anniversary of his death, so that I could know for sure it was he who sent it.

My additional takeaway from the glowing circle Prince generously left was that we each have our distinct, individual perceptions of what we see as the truth.


I am calling these communications our “conversations,” but that term doesn’t come close to describing the deeply personal nature of all we have shared.

No one word would be adequate, and I want to state this as honestly as possible without needlessly scaring anyone off.

Even so, I realize that “Conversations with Prince” may still sound spooky, considering that I am professing to be talking to a “dead” person.

Our intention—both mine and Prince’s—is to help dispel fears connected with the afterlife. I know that we do not die. Not only that, we can communicate back and forth with people who have left their bodies. I want to be clear that I am not trying to “prove” anything regarding the afterlife. I invite you to read about my experiences with an open mind and heart.


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