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It's time for me to share

It's time to loosen the bow of purple satin ribbon wrapped around the box of precious memories I have carefully collected since the death of Prince Rogers Nelson,

Though I didn't know much about Prince or his music while he was alive, we have had an extraordinary relationship since he "died".

Yes, it sounds crazy, but I am actually grounded and rational, most of the time. I am a psychologist with a Ph.D. who has been a therapist in private practice since 1981...And Prince and I have been having conversations for the past couple of years since he passed from his body.

I have kept my journals and notebooks, filled with our telepathic communications; the photos and songs that spontaneously presented themselves; the words that were spoken out loud through my computer; the visual images that mysteriously appeared on my iPad, and more. I know he wanted me to have unshakable evidence that though he is no longer in his "body suit", he is still here.

I was as baffled and skeptical as anyone could have been about these "visitations" from Prince, and maybe even a bit embarrassed about it all. I hardly discussed it with anyone. What would my clients think? was just one of my concerns at the time.

Throughout the past few years, I deeply considered and questioned what I have been experiencing with Prince, and very, very slowly I've developed trust in our connection.

Like a bottle of rich red wine that ferments over time, I too needed time to settle down from the confusion and excitement brought on by having this non-physical person in my life, I needed to allow the truth of this connection to blossom and strengthen before I could even imagine going public with it.

So, here I am. It's time. I have boatloads of stories, and stories within stories, to tell.

I initially wrote everything down to develop into a book, but because the messages kept coming I decided to not wait any longer to begin sharing these experiences. Maybe others will "come out of the closet" with their own stories of the afterlife to share.

Soon after the "visitations" started, I had an inkling that I had agreed to this. I have heard over and over in my head, "Patricia, I didn't come to you for no good reason." And I know this is the time for me to express what I came here to experience. And who could be a better role model for putting themselves out there than the flamboyant, uninhibited Prince?!

Beneath all the doubts there has always been a sense of knowing - that, not only did these "crazy" things happen, but, I have it in me to do this - to go out into the world and tell everyone about this magical connection I have with the soul formerly known as Prince.

When the voices in my head asked, "Why in the world would Prince come to you?" I remind myself to move from my wariness of the truth into steadfast belief in the truth. I have learned the hard way that letting doubt take over is like pulling an electrical cord from the wall, disconnecting us from each other.

Except for a few trusted friends and spiritual teachers, I kept this to myself, But there are certain personal keepsakes that will always stay with me. The rest is meant to be revealed, and I am bursting to share. So, here goes.....


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